About Visual Identifier/Logo


The centerpiece of any visual identity system is the visual identifier. It is the common thread that “brands”all communications. It is a valuable asset, and therefore it is critical that its visual integrity be respected, and that it be applied properly and consistently in all visual communications. The Makmur visual identifier is the only visual identifier that should appear in most Makmur Group communications.

The Makmur symbol* is an abstract mark consisting of a flowing MAKMUR. This modification of the previous Makmur Group symbol is simpler and less fragmented. MAKMUR meaning prosperous in

Bahasa Melayu. MAK symbol is acronym for group founder M.A Khafiz (Dato’ M.A Khafiz Zainal)

The logotype* is the specific typographic design of the words “MAKMUR.” The logotype is positioned at a specific distance just below the symbol.

It radiates the clarity of our vision, the spirit of our corporate belief systems and the boldness of our people in building an outstanding organization by coming together. We know the time is right for Makmur to push beyond its boundaries and achieve outstanding success in the years to come.

Our MAKMUR Symbol is a 3 dimensional round shield suffused by an orange and dark silver glow and imprinted bring meaning as follow:

5 dark silver boxes shield bring a meaning:

5 Core Values of MAKMUR Group, Five prominent values stand out and these are the core

  • Integrity
  • Respect & Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Enterprise
  • Performance

5 dark silver boxes shield ALSO carried meaning five pillars of Islam:

  • Declaration of Faith
  • Obligatory 5 Time a day Prayer
  • Compulsory of Zakat/Giving
  • Fasting in the month
  • A pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)