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At the heart of the Group is its team of capable staff led by a sound and experienced management team. Their dedication and commitment have been a major contributing factor to the long-standing success of the Group. MAKMUR Land has distinguished itself as a trusted and reputable land developer with its high end and quality deliveries in land, property, agriculture & feed-stock. It ensures all its projects are well-grow, managed and operated so as to deliver total satisfaction to its discerning stakeholders, providing added value and returns to their investments.
While the Group continues to pursue excellence, implement growth strategies and consummate a global outlook, it is committed to ensuring highest standard of integrity and professionalism in dealing with employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities it serves.

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Managing Director, Makmur Land Development Sdn Bhd

Investment Portfolio Manager, Makmur Land Development Sdn Bhd

24Hours Direct Line: +60111.7777.151
Email: invest.makmurland@gmail.com

Website: http://www.makmurland.com

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